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Safe Harbour Overview

As directors, you may have heard whispers about the new ‘Safe Harbour’ protection that is currently being reviewed in parliament – see our view below of the currently proposed legislation and what it means for company directors:

Safe Harbour

What is it?

  • Carve out of existing insolvent trading legislation allowing directors to continue to trade a company that may be insolvent for the purposes of achieving a better outcome for the company and creditors than a formal appointment (e.g. Voluntary Administration) would achieve. Read More Here

Who’s it for?

  • Registered Company directors (non-executive directors & shadow directors), and ultimately their company and their creditors

What’s it for?

  • To encourage and protect directors who seek professional advice to develop and action a plan that is likely to lead to a better outcome for the Company and its creditors than would be achieved by formally appointing and insolvency practitioner

When does it start?

  • As soon as the currently proposed legislation amendments are approved


How Do I Know If I Need It?

  • If you suspect the company could be, or may become, insolvent for any period of time
  • If you have critical customer or supply contracts that could be terminated if a formal insolvency appointment occurred
  • Seek input early and let an experienced, independent advisor help you answer these questions


Why Use SV Strategic Solutions?

  • For your protection – if you get this process right but the company’s restructure fails you will be protected from insolvent trading
  • The experience and expertise of our teams in determining and providing the action plans required to achieve the best outcome
  • Our qualification to advise (including PI insurance, professional training and knowledge of required processes and procedures) Our People


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Article written by Sheree Cross

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