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Investment Readiness & Exit Planning

Strategic Questions

  • How do I ensure I can realise the maximum potential value for my business when I decide to sell it or transfer it?
  • What is the process for ensuring I attract the right buyers, at the right price and at the right time?
  • How can I ensure that any sale process will have the least disruption to the senior management team, to staff and to customers during the sale process?


  • Determine the valuation range required for the acceptable exit
  • Determine the attractiveness of the business given its financial performance; its market position and its potential for growth
  • Assess exit readiness in terms of expected due diligence with respect to management team capability; business plans and growth strategy; recent historical performance and the robustness of the business and the sector it operates in
  • Develop realistic approach to the exit process, timelines and potential buyer universe
  • Develop approach to formulate exit strategy and information memorandum preparation
  • Work with senior management team for preparation of management presentations
  • Assist in sale negotiations if required
  • Assist in appointment of third party advisors (accounting, legal)


  • Clear exit strategy with defined milestones, timelines and realistic valuation expectations
  • Success planning strategies to ensure exit planning outcomes are achieved

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