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Business Planning & Growth Strategy

Strategic Questions

  •  How can I develop a plan for my business that will ensure I can achieve the maximum value for the business in 3 to 5 years?
  •  How can I explore and evaluate what strategic growth options are available for maximising the value of the business?
  •  How can I ensure that the plan will provide a unifying direction for all employees and that the senior management team will effectively lead the business to achieve the underlying strategies of the plan?
  •  Will the plan be useful for discussions with my shareholders and financiers?
  •  Will I be able to monitor the outcomes and achievements of the plan on a regular basis and take appropriate action to adjust the underlying strategies?


This service offering has been developed for those businesses that require a more detailed business plan and need to develop growth strategies to underpin the future value of the business. Our approach will include:

  • Reviewing the position of the business in its market sector and competitive environment
  • Developing a shared understanding of the potential value of the business
  • Reviewing the profitability of current and potential future customers and geographical markets
  • Developing detailed growth options on how to take the business from its current market position to the desired outcome for value creation
  • Assessment of the business and its capability to achieve the desired growth, profitability and market position
  • Reviewing succession plans and business continuity plans


  • Recommended approach to realising additional revenue streams including markets, customers, pricing strategies and new products and services
  • Recommended changes to organisation structure and business infrastructure (IT platform, systems, policies)
  • Detailed 3 year/5 year financial forecasts including funding requirements, cash and working capital requirements
  • Major performance milestones and reporting and monitoring analytics to ensure the business remains on it’s growth strategy

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