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*The results of the Financial Distress Quiz are indicative only and if you are concerned about your business’ health it is important to seek professional financial advice immediately.

Over 13,200 businesses in Australia are currently suffering financial hardship.

Businesses in this financial position will often face:

  • Continuing losses
  • Legal letters of demand, summons, judgements and warrants issued to recover outstanding debts
  • Poor cash flow resulting in the inability to pay creditors, financial institutes and employee entitlements
  • Overdue ATO debt
  • Lack of control of the business

Typically business owners feel overwhelmed by these pressures and if you are experiencing the same, you are not alone. With the right advice and our hands-on support, we are able to assist you with regaining control of your business’ future.

Avoid denial and the risk of insolvent trading by seeking the support you need today.

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